Create your own Brand (or Shop)

How does it work?

- You get a free hosted online store.

- Customise your store to suit your brand.

- Upload your designs.

- Set Your own Retail price

- Lead on you Lord


“I already have an existing Online store” - No problem, we can provide a plug in and your product will appear on you page. We will process your orders, print and ship the items direct to your customers in plain packaging.


How do I get paid?

- Sell your products, we remove the product over head (tee & printing) and the rest is ALL YOURS.

- We post out your orders in plain packaging so your customers only interact with you.

- When you reach the monthly minimum you invoice us before the 5th and we pay on the 14th.


What are Benefits?

- No start up cost

- No financial risk

- No stock holding or inventory headaches

- Ultria handles warehousing, printing & shipping

-  No Artwork set up fees

- No minimum purchase

- Spectacular print colours or fine and faded greys and black

- Automated tracking and syncing with Australia Post / E-Par

- Custom neck labels an woven tags available

- Expert experienced help just a phone call away

- Design help and guidance

- Live product catalogue

- Social network integration

- Mail Chimp integration

- Google analytics

- Thousands of stock designs

- Easy to use web templates to build your site

- CSS and HTML capable  



Start Your Brand




Optional Branded Neck Labels and Swing Tickets!

Neck Labels $1.10 (inc) each. (miniumum order = 50)

Price includes removal of neck label and replacing your branded label.

If you would like to add this feature simply email us with your logo info@ultria.net.au


Swing Tickets $142 (inc) for 500 

Price includes printing of your swing tickets and attaching them to each product.

Size: 90 x 54mm Full colour (both sides) and comes with hole in top.

If you would like to add this feature simply email us with your logo info@ultria.net.au

Note: If you already have Swing Tickets you can send them to us to attach. (40c per item to attach)

If you need technical help while constructing your site or uploading designs (or anything like that!) we have fantastic phone support available between regular business hours (8.30-5pm EST). 
Simply call 1800 778 150